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The tools section provides you with generic operation tools.

View configuration

Main article: View configuration

Allows you view the configuration of one or more nodes known to netYCE

Resolve IP

Main article: Resolve IP

Using the resolve IP tool you are able to lookup one or more IP- and/or subnet address(es) to check if it's known in netYCE, this can be a supernet-, network-, eVPN VLAN-, server- or subnet address

Ping nodes

Main article: Ping nodes

The ping nodes tool enables you to test whether a particular (group of) node(s) is reachable from the server running netYCE.

OS upgrades

Main article: OS upgrades

The OS upgrades tool lets you perform the targeted OS upgrades in bulk with minimal interference of the operator while still maintaining full control of the process.

Group test

Main article: Group test

The Group test tool allows the operator to verify the Node-group assignments. Selecting a node-group will show the nodes being selected given the scope, user-permissions and tool-type.

Parsing test

Main article: Parsing test

The Parsing test tool is intended to assist the operator in creating and verifying the command parse templates. A selected template can be tested against the expected response to a CLI command of a node. The parsed results are then reported.

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