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NetYCE 7.0.4 Build_20180612

Release notes

Date: 2018-06-12


Template usage

The 'Template usage' tool from the 'Operate - Node config' menu was updated to support selections involving Vendor-types. With the introduction of sub- and port-templates per Vendor-type, mutiple templates could have the same name.

Locating the nodes using such a multivendor template with this tool would properly report the nodes referencing it, but it did not permit for distinguishing between the vendors. It also could not detect if a multivendor template was missing for a spefic vendor.

Now an additional selection and filter function for the Vendor-type is added to the tool, allowing for tracing templates for specific vendors.

'Cmd_exec' Quick-mode

For some changes it is desirable or even a must NOT to save the configuration on change completion. To facilitate these situations the scenario command 'cmd_exec' has been extended with the '-q' option to enavle the 'quick-mode'.

When setting this -q flag, the NetYCE vendor modules will execute the commands as usual, but will skip the configuration save, backup and nccm submission at the start AND at the end of the change.


Redundancy check

It was noted that during the execution of a scenario where the availablility of the redundant switch was tested, an incorrect managment ip-address was used.

It turned out that the scenario 'reachable' command retrieved the management address of a device using a slightly different set of citeria. The various front-end and back-end software modules involving management-addresses were reviewed and now all use the same set of criteria.

LDAP: couldn't connect to LDAP server
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