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NetYCE installation prerequisites

Presented below is a quick overview of the important prerequisites when using NetYCE. Where especially the server section is important if NetYCE is to be used on a shared server.

Node Communication

  • Requires a functional user to connect to all devices (or per group/domain)
  • Requires direct connectivity to the node on the IP address provided
  • Requires direct connectivity from the node to the NetYCE server to support backups (NCCM) on the desired/supported protocol (tftp, ftp, sftp, scp)

The connection matrix showing the connectivity requirements.


When using the NetYCE provided VM the below is taken care of. They are applicable if NetYCE is to be used on a shared server.

  • Centos/RHEL 7, x86_64 arch
  • SElinux not supported
  • MariaDB supported versions 10.0 - 10.4
  • communication ports fully 'owned' by own daemons
    • (tftp, ftp, httpd, scheduler, xch-api, restful-api, backend)
    • some port-numbers can be re-assigned, but most are industry-standard
    • manages httpd, mysql/mariadb, vsftpd configuration files
  • ssh server is to support MySecureShell
  • minimal root-privileges
    • process-manager, ssh, httpd, vsftpd run as 'root', all other processes as 'yce'
    • some sudo setup requirements apply
  • Require shared 'yce' and 'ycicle' userid's
  • not-configurable paths
    • /opt/yce/
    • /opt/ycelib
    • /var/opt/yce
    • /var/opt/mysql
    • /var/opt/shared
LDAP: couldn't connect to LDAP server
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