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Port configuration

The port configuration tool provides a way to change the settings of one or more ports on a node with ease: change the port template, port state (shut) and / or mode (auto/full/half)

Port template

Based on the vendor- and client type, the available port templates for the selected node will be presented in a pull-down menu.


To shut or un-shut a port, 'N' is the default.


Configure a specific link speed on a port, 'Auto' is the default.


To specify full- or half duplex communications, 'Auto' is the default.

Changing port settings using the Port configuration tool

A little demonstration of the tool, we start with the following port configuration, as you can see, port 20, 23 and 24 are shut at the moment and the mode and speed is set to 'Auto' for every port.

After some modifications none of the ports are shut anymore, port 21 and 24's speed has been set to 10 and also half duplex, port 20 has been set to 10000 and full duplex, port 22 has been changed to 1000 and half duplex, port 23 to 100 and full duplex and port 25 is now 10 and half duplex.

To apply these changes in the netYCE system, click the “Update settings” button: the page will reload. At this moment the device's configuration is not changed yet: click the “Generate ports” button to generate the needed configuration to apply these changes

To push this configuration to the node click the “Push to switch” button, depending on your netYCE configuration a Change-id might be needed (see the Job Configuration page for more information about this.

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