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Deprecation Notices

5-12-22: Job logs collapsible details

When you click on a line of the job logs, it no longer uncollapses a preview of the job logs. Instead, it just opens the job log files popup.

22-11-22: Removal of obsolete scenario calls

We removed a number of old scenario calls from the tasker. Support for the following calls has ended:

  • 'import_cfg' ⇒ please use cmd_exec
  • 'basic_import' ⇒ please use cmd_exec_basic
  • 'gen_startup' ⇒ please use config_create
  • 'write_startup' ⇒ please use config_startup
  • 'save_config' ⇒ please use config_save
  • 'diff_config' ⇒ please use config_diff
  • 'reload' ⇒ please use reboot_node
  • 'restore' ⇒ please use config_restore
  • 'logaction' ⇒ please use log_action
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