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NetYCE 7.2.0 Active_build

Release notes

Date: 2021-04-09

This set of release notes reflects the work in progress. Each of these items will become available with the next release and will be made available in the Download Patchfiles article.


Node slot tab failure

A front-end issue was fixed where after selecting a different 'Slot' in the port view of a node, it would display no ports at all for any node accessed thereafter.

Service-type failure

When executing a Service-type or task that referenced the currently selected service, the Service-type would fail with an error. A bug caused the value of the used service-key to be incorrect resulting in a failed database lookup. This issue was corrected.

NCCM Polling Max Retries

At the NCCM sections, in the polling group edit form, you were unable to set the value of Max retries to 0. This resulted in that every node was rescheduled upon failure at least once, and that it was not possible to disable nodes immediately after a failed connection.

You are now able to set the Max retries value of a polling group to 0, which allows you to immediately disable nodes for the nccm after a failed poll.

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