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NetYCE 7.2.0 Active_build

Release notes

Date: 2021-08-10

This set of release notes reflects the work in progress. Each of these items will become available with the next release and will be made available in the Download Patchfiles article.


Scenario 'signal_json' function

The 'signal_json' function can be used in scenario's to inform an external system of the job status using a REST api call. This signalling worked fine if in response to the signalling no data or JSON data was returned. However, when signalling Slack an error was produced because the returned value was just an 'ok' - as clear text. By allowing the returned data to be unformatted clear text the issue was resolved.

Scenario 'Relation' options

The 'relation' function has a '-f' filter function to include only those rows matching all the filters specified. However, a recent change to the scenario grammar checker rendered this filter useless. The filters were ignored, returning in too many results. The new definition failed to recognize the format used by the -f option: “<column>=<value>”. This situation has been corrected.

As the '-p' option of the same 'scenario' function also use this format, it was affected by the same failure to parse the option, probably causing the function to return no results. This issue was resolved by the same fix.

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