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Known Issues

Passwords are not shown in the Domains form

Sometimes fields containing passwords are not shown in the Domains form. To resolve this, login to the netyce server through ssh or console access with the yce functional user and run: -r

This command will update the configuration files of the YCE menu, forms and background systems, restart background programs where needed, and signal the browsers of it's users the application cache should be renewed upon login.

After this log out of the application and log back in. The forms should now correctly display the password related fields.


When using the netYCE 6.x application, it is recommended to use Private browsing (Firefox) or Incognito windows (Google Chrome). The persistence of browser caches can cause problems with the user-interface after software updates.
The browser caching issue is addressed in netYCE 6.1 by implementing the HTML5 application cache function. However, it was found that not all browsers (or some of their versions) support the feature equally well. The Microsoft IE version 11 does not support the feature at all.

When experiencing issues with the user-interface, we recommend to manually clear the browser's cache and verify if the behaviour persists before reporting it to NetYCE.

Internet Explorer

NetYCE version 6.0 will not allow access to the application when using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

NetYCE 6.1 will support Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11. Any older IE version is not supported and will be denied access. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Retrieving scheduled reports in CSV format without using the YCE gui is allowed and is open to any browser. Use this URL as a template to download such a file:

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