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Create Site types

In the following article we will create a site type for a datacenter. This datacenter is constructed as a three tier redundant architecture as described in the Cisco Data Center Infrastructure 2.5 Design Guide In this architecture we will have the following components:

  • 1 redundant core
  • 0:n redundant aggregation switches, with a maximum of 10 aggregation layers
  • 0:n redundant access switches, with no maximum.

The architecture is represented in the image below. 3 tier Datacenter architecture.

Step 1

Open the Site types tab in the modeling form. Then click +. Choose the Client type en type the Site type. When the input is correct, click .

Step 2a - Global site type configuration

The next step is configuring the Site type. There are 6 parameters to be set:

  • (optional) The site type number.
  • (optional) The site class.
  • Max sites/Client_type.
  • Max sites/Client.
  • Name format.
  • Caption.

Step 2b - Uploading an image

It is possible to upload an image representing the architecture. This is done by clicking and selecting the image. JPEG, GIF and PNG images can be used.

Step 3 - Service classes within the client

Adding the service classes. Because we have a 3 tier architecture, 3 service classes will be created. Click +, type the name of the service class and click .

The Service class name will be unique for the Client type, NOT the Site type. So when choosing the service class name, be sure to choose a name for the function in the entire Client type.

In this example the service classes DC_CORE, DC_AGGREGATE and DC_ACCESS will be created.

Step 4 - Service class configuration

After the creation of the service classes, each service class must be configured. First select the DC_CORE service class. The Max Services/Site value must be set to 1 (default). The Hierarchy ID will be set to 110 and the Description will be set to CORE.

Second select the DC_AGGREGATE service class. The Max Services/Site value must be set to 10. The Hierarchy ID will be set to 111 and the Description will be set to AGGREGATE.

Last select the DC_ACCESS service class. The Max Services/Site value must be set to 0 (no limit). The Hierarchy ID will be set to 112 and the Description will be set to ACCESS.

Step 5 - Linking the service class to the image.

It is possible to link a service class to a position on the image. That way a service class can be added by clicking on the image.

Select the service class and then lasso around the target area.

Both the CORE and the AGGREGATION will be linked. Because the ACCESS layer must be linked to an aggregation layer, the ACCESS layer will be added from the service class details of the target aggregation layer. Therefor the ACCESS layer will not be linked on the image.

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