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Network Configuration and Change Management allows you to keep track of changes in the configuration of a node by regularly retrieving the configuration and comparing this against previous known configurations.

With every job which might touch the configuration NetYCE also retrieves the running configuration of the node in question, pre- and post config. In case there is no difference in configuration there is no need to store it.

There's also a NCCM userguide available that provides an overview of the NCCM and it's prerequisites.

The NCCM functionality is spanned over 6 tabs:

Polling groups

Polling groups allow you to define NCCM related variables such as Next poll interval and Max retries for a group of nodes. These groups can be defined manually by entering nodenames or by selecting based on attributes such as Client, Client type, Domain, Site and Vendor.

Main article polling_groups

Nccm selection

The Nccm selection tab is the default page within NCCM. It gives an overview of the nodes present in the polling group(s) and their status. It allows to schedule node(s) to be polled in the next NCCM cycle (if load permitted). It can also re-enable NCCM nodes where the polling has been halted.

Main article nccm_selection

Config diffs

Config diffs shows the results of the NCCM polling, allowing you to search based on nodename and sort these results.

Main article Config diffs

Diff reports

The diff reports tool offers multiple ways to search in the configuration data accumulated by the NCCM daemon.

Main article Diff Reports

Command Replies

Command replies are used by the compliance for command rules. This form gives an overview of all that have been collected.

Main article Command replies

NCCM Lookup

Since the NCCM has its own database it also has its own lookup table.

Main article NCCM Lookup

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