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Template usage

Use the template usage tool to find out which node(s) are using a main-, sub- or port template: you can also filter on the desired client type.

Filter on client type

The “Select” drop-down menus of this tool allow you to find those nodes using the selected main-template, sub-template or port-template. By default these menus show you all relevant templates of that type.

To limit the number of menu items, the “Filter” box beside the menu can be used. By entering a substring of the desired template name(s), the menu will refresh itself and show only those entries with the matching substring.

Normally the operator will first select the Client-type to narrow the set of main/sub/port templates to that client-type. Then, by selecting the appropriate template type(s), the nodes that depend on those templates are filtered.

It is possible to apply a Main-template and a Sub-template selection, or a Main-template and a Port-template selection at the same time, but not a Sub-template and Port-template simultaneously.

The resulting set of nodes can be used for reporting purposes, but is more commonly used to create a set of Command-jobs to push an updated Sub-template to the nodes using it. When doing so, please be aware that if the Sub-template is included using a conditional, the Command-job the operator creates should likewise include the conditional. Otherwise the Sub-template might be configured on a device that will normally not include it.

Filter on client type and main template

Filter on client type and sub template

Filter on client type and port template

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