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Template trace

The Trace Template dependencies form is used, to list all the sub- and port templates used within a main template. The form can also be used to find a keyword or string.

Client type filter

A filter can be applied for the client- and/or vendor type. Select the client- and/or vendor type from the drop down menu's and click [Set] to apply the filter. Only the Main templates of the selected client- and/or vendor type will be displayed.

Main templates

The Main templates will be listed in the Main templates section.

By default the Compact checkbox will be checked. When unchecked some additional information for the used Sub/port templates will be displayed.

Search string

By entering a string or keyword in the Search string field, the template trace output will, in addition to the used templates, display the search string and the template in which it is used. By checking the All lines checkbox, all the lines within the template will also be displayed.

Template trace example

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