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From the users form the user management can be done.

Add user

To add a user, just click the + and enter the user id. The user id can be changed at a later time when needed.

Delete user

By selecting the user and clicking the button. Conformation will be asked before a user is actually deleted.

Find user

It's possible to search for a user by using the button and entering the user id. It isn't possible to search for a user by name.

Manage user

When selecting a user, the details of that user will be displayed. These variables can be set and stored by using the [Apply] button.

Permission levels

The permission settings will be updated as soon as the group id is set.

Password management

The password can be set by entering the password and clicking the [Set password] button. The new password can also be expired by using the Expire checkbox.

The maximum age of the password can be set in the Max age field. This value is in days. A value of 0, sets no limit.

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