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From the Groups tab in the Users form, group management can be done.

Add groups

To add a group click the + sign and enter the group id. The user id can be changed at a later time when needed.

Delete groups

By selecting the group and clicking the button. Confirmation will be asked before a group is actually deleted.

Manage groups

When a group is selected, the details of the group can be modified. To save the information, the [Apply] is used.

Group permissions

In order to set the group permissions, first the Global level must be set. After that, the specific Client types can be added with their client level. The client level cannot supercede the global level.

User levels

There are 7 different user levels.

  • Disabled: When this user level is selected, the group has no access to any part of the system.
  • Browser: level 1: Groups with the browser level, can see all devices, however the configuration cannot be seen.
  • Operator: level 2: Operators can perform changes, however the cannot alter templates, or add nodes, services, VLANs etc.
  • Engineer: level 3: Engineers can add/change/remove templates, nodes, sites and services. They cannot alter models of an architecture.
  • Modeler: level 4: Modelers can change, add en remove models. They cannot change userlevels.
  • Manager: level 5: Managers can do everything the modelers can and also change userlevels.
  • System: level 6: System users also can change system settings.
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