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Configuration files

NetYCE uses various configuration files for many different purposes. Some deal with customer-specific integrations, others should be shared across all NetYCE servers. These files are formatted using different syntaxes (ini, perl, custom) using different validation rules.

To simplify the administration of the NetYCE systems, these files can be edited and, where applicable, distributed using the NetYCE database where it will also maintain a change history (10 revisions).

Depending on the operator's privileges, the tool will grant read-only or read-write access to these configuration files. Some files might be forbidden from view.

The typical view for a “Manager” level operator shows that most configuration files are editable and some automatically files are only viewable. Those files that are not system specific can synchronize their content over the various systems and have a database-based history maintained. Files not synchronized have no database archive.

Viewing or editing a file is initiated by clicking the appropriate button. Buttons labeled none have no action indicating no-access.

While editing the configuration file is “locked” system wide. However this lock simply results in a warning and con be overridden by anyone allowed to edit the file. No lock warning is issued if held by the same user attempting to edit.


If older versions of the configuration file exist in the database, their revision sequence is shown at the bottom of the session. The revision sequence number increases by one for each revision. Number 1 is the previous version, 9 being the oldest.

By selecting the revision, it is loaded into the form for editing or viewing. Only when edit privileges apply can an older revision be saved (and is therefore restored).

By restoring an older revision, a new revision is created, bouncing the existing revision one up.

Saving an unchanged file is detected and performs no actions.

For non-custom file formats a basic syntax check is performed. The operator cannot save the file until the error is corrected.

If there are no errors and the file is saved successfully while the Db-sync is enabled for that file, a command is sent to every NetYCE system to checkout the latest revision ('0') of the file indicated. It is then saved to its target location.

Additional steps may be required to activate the new settings as in the case of daemon processes, but mostly the config files are read when a specific tool is started.

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